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There is a group for everything. No matter what you are looking for - with STUCAP - it's only a click away. There never existed an easier way to start a discussion with your fellow students, to find a study buddy or project member or to share learning material. Every day we try to come up with new ideas to make your student life more pleasant,  no matter where, what or with whom you study.

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Who is your favorite assistant?

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Step 1: Download  STUCAP

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A personal tutor

If you are looking for more personal and private tutoring, just post your request in the appropriate group and wait until somebody contacts you.


Instead of always asking, you can also offer your teaching services. If you know the answer, don't be afraid to get in touch, the community will appreciate you giving something back.

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Create and later edit your profile. Your description can help people find you.


Be always connected with your colleagues.

Time to join the future!

Use the STUCAP Educator app to bring your organization online!

Time to join the future!

STUCAP Educator

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You can search for classes on the Market and follow them.