Great community, great success.

With a great community

The sky is not the limit

Because learning in a team, being tutored by the brightest minds of the world and having access to a huge variety of materials just makes life so much easier. Especially if all this comes through a lightning fast internet connection.

STUCAP - The sky is not the limit
Earn money with STUCAP.

  Studying AND earning money

They can be done simultaneously. Why not become an educator by sharing your knowledge. You can either let the community reward you with donations or set the price yourself. Sell your notes, summaries and solutions. Create a study group with a subscription fee or start your own online class.

Well organised learning materials are already half success

for both student and teacher

Well organised class is half success.

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Everywhere, every time, everything...

Students want easy and fast access to their learning materials. They need immediate and helpful answers to their questions. The STUCAP learning app makes it all possible. You can be connected with your teachers, tutors and colleagues anytime you want. Anywhere you might be, you can open and download the documents you need right now or mark them as homework for later use. Studying has never been more comfortable.

Our logo, where a student cap is combined with a cable. This represents how the online services of STUCAP help you graduate.

About us...

We are a group of students who wanted to reduce the amount of wasted time while studying. So based on our own experience, we started to develop a new and innovative learning platform, with the hope of making student life easier. We want to eliminate situations where a piece of missing information or the need for a little hint makes it impossible to continue your work.