Let them have a clean desk...

To go online with your organization and learning material, use the STUCAP Educator app.

A MacBook with the STUCAP Teacher create class view.

Create a group

Making an educator's life as simple as possible is a main priority for us. As a result, it only takes a few clicks to create an online group. There, you can upload learning material, add tutors who can guide your students and set up the group details. The group can be used to bundle your departments and classes together. Don't forget to add your colleagues as teachers, so they can upload their classes too!

A Dell monitor showing STUCAP Teacher Members view.

Add your students and colleagues with the appropriate role!

Shows an iPhone with the STUCAP Teacher Details view.

Name, description, security

Give a name and a description to your group to make it easier for people to find it. You can also assign groups to an organization. Define who can enroll, with password, SWITCH AAI or organization-only protection.

Our logo on different devices.

Being an Educator...

There is nothing better than sharing your knowledge. With the STUCAP application you can answer your students' Help requests, participate in Forum discussions or post a message in the Tutoring section about offering teaching services.  You can also use the chat to stay in touch with your students.