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Discussing ideas, sharing your experience and working together with likeminded people is a quintessential part of learning. These make universities and campus life so valuable and this is why we encourage our users to be an active member of their local and global communities. Our plan is to use all the well-known features of social networking platforms and incorporate them into education to create a more engaging learning environment.







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There is a group for everything. No matter what you are looking for - with STUCAP - it's only a click away. There never existed an easier way to start a discussion with your fellow students, to find a study buddy or project member or to share learning material. Every day we try to come up with new ideas to make your student life more pleasant,  no matter where, what or with whom you study.

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Instant messaging

Currently the mostly used communication channel in higher education is email. But let's be honest, compared to all the chat apps, which we use daily, this is quite outdated. Sending emails still feels very formal, many times the interface lacks the features, which would enable us to clearly communicate our message and the most important part, nobody likes to wait days for a reply. On STUCAP you can simply send a chat message either to your TA or colleague or to the person you just met earlier in a lecture and initiate a real-time conversation.

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