Follow this guide to install/update your Windows application.

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Download the STUCAP Educator installer package for Windows.

0. If you have an already-installed version of STUCAP, then first you have to uninstall it.

1. Download and open installer file setup.exe.



2. Click the Install button.



3. Confirm installation:

        1. Click on More info and then on Run anyway
         (details at the bottom of the page)

        2. Click Yes on the "User Account Control" dialogbox



4. Follow the installation process.

Known issues:

  • Your browser might classify the downloaded file as dangerous because of the *.exe extension. Don't worry about it, simply keep the file.
  • Windows Defender flags the installer as a virus. The reason for this is, that any new platform which has yet to meet a certain number of downloads is automatically marked as unsafe. However, this issue disappears if you use some other antivirus software. On our machines we use the free version of Avira.
  • When you start the installation process, Windows warns you, saying, that our software might be harmful. This happens because in the eyes of Microsoft we are seen as ,,Unknown publisher". To solve this, click on More info on the alert and then on the Run anyway button, which has just appeared.